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  1. Anyone here like In Flames?
  2. Guthrie Govan -DAMN HE'S GOOD!
  3. Andy Timmons
  4. Evergrey
  5. Japanese bands
  6. Vids of you playing a Caparison
  7. Cookie monster fest..
  8. New Symphony X tune!
  9. August 7th...
  10. Seen this yet?
  11. Good prog metal bands
  12. What are you listening to right now?
  13. Some guy on a 27 fret guitar
  14. Paul Gilbert Get Out of my Yard
  15. Live EArth
  16. 07/07/07 Luckiest day ever??
  17. WTf?? Smashing Pumpkins back with a new album??
  18. Mattias IA Eklundh masterclass video
  19. Japanese businessman on the electric guitar
  20. New symphony x video
  21. Final Fantasy tunes done prog-metal style
  22. Break The Balance
  23. Tales for the leet
  24. The NExt Great American Band
  25. Joe Satriani talking about modes
  26. amazing guy on a 10 string guitar!!
  27. Family Guy theme on a Caparison!
  28. Our first review! :D
  29. Guitar Instrumenalist Angel Vivaldi // Record Release!!!
  30. how can this guy find band members?
  31. ok...
  32. New Quell The Skies tune online!
  33. Tasteful Shreddin!'
  34. Dragonland
  35. Opeth w/Circles in Autumn and 3
  36. This guy can play!
  37. 1 guitar 4 hands
  38. Nils Norberg quits NR
  39. Secret Weapon
  40. Today's inspirational clip
  41. My band nominated on Myspace's A Place for Metal
  42. Check Out Avalanche
  43. "OverFlow" cd
  44. New Evergrey Song up from the new cd
  45. Last day for EVERGREY
  46. TORN Prelisten!!! NOW!
  47. Tmacs tears of sahara
  48. Skyscape..
  49. No Michael Ammott, not Dean!!!
  50. Looking To Listen To Some New Music.
  51. Michael Amott Guitars
  52. Just got TORN
  53. TORN Review
  54. michael Amott went to dean...
  55. Kamelot?
  56. Yea...add my band
  57. Drummer Troubles
  58. Good music
  59. Top Albums of the Year
  60. New Dragonland??
  61. Has Andy Ever???
  62. Video Game music can be good too!
  63. The Absence Dead and Gone Video
  64. Funny Caparison
  65. We have a new song up!
  66. Mordant Soul (Ireland)
  67. Arch Enemy Masterclass
  68. New song
  69. Acantha from Canada
  70. really good technical power metal
  71. Horus Recording
  72. Another new song.
  73. meedley meedley
  74. Progressive scene
  75. TheSafetyFire
  76. !!
  77. New track
  78. New Dream Theater!!!!
  79. Albums your Looking forward to this year?
  80. Yngwie acoustic album?
  81. Displayed in the newspaper
  82. Well Acantha is finished...but here's Sapient!!!
  83. New song
  84. New song from upcoming CD
  85. Chickenfoot=My rock n roll dream!
  86. Awesome Finnish rock
  87. Finally some new songs from my band!
  88. Caparisons look sweet in videos too!
  89. Mf07!
  90. Death Destruction WTF?
  91. How I spent my Father's Day weekend!
  92. Live video of my Horus HGS
  93. Seikima II
  94. Want to free download our second album? (for doom/death metal fans)
  95. Progressive/Tech metal
  96. Rob Marcello!
  97. whos your favorite caparison band?
  98. New Songs Up...finally with descent quality
  99. My Second InstruMetal EP, Short Gear Picstory too
  100. Any upstate/central NY metal fans?
  101. I gots some new videos of me playing the Orbit
  102. OZZY replaces Zakk!
  103. Guitar tracking update on our EP
  104. Please, vote for us!
  105. 7String Clean Vox Prog?
  106. New Dragonland Song!
  107. Band split up and I'm looking to join or start a new one.
  108. Finally got my own project demo out. Swollen Eye View
  109. Horus HGS MF in action!
  110. New Six-Point Lead EP
  111. Freak Kitchen preview from Land of the Freaks!
  112. Short KsE clip with my Angelus 24
  113. Another one bites the dust (Andy La rocque w/ DEAN)
  114. Long Distance Capaband?
  115. The Absence Studio Diary 1 Up!!!!!
  116. Persefone, Caparison Dellinger videos
  117. New album now on Spotify and Napster!
  118. NEW instructional book RELEASED!
  119. Couple of short Angelus clips
  120. so my band enters the studio today
  121. I'm Sorry!!
  122. Dark Tranquility, Killswitch, etc
  123. Lazarus A.D.
  124. If any of you guys are in Central NY...
  125. New Video with Caparisons
  126. Structure of Inhumanity
  127. Obituary/Persefone European Tour 2010
  128. Couple of live vids
  129. Dellinger recording of an almost finished song
  130. Lady Gaga... on my horus
  131. My Band Fuseboxx in the Philippines
  132. My Cover Band Bombtracks
  133. All Shall Perish Lesson from Guitar World?
  134. My Band Covering "Down to Mexico"
  135. Satriani clip with Horus
  136. Anyone else amazed by this guy's versatility?
  137. enlighten the lost
  138. Evergrey clip... *Solitude Within*
  139. Quickie Iced Earth clip
  140. Please vote for us, it'll only take a few secs
  141. My Bands Tracks are up!
  142. New Track and Myspace layout
  143. New vid up
  144. New songy
  145. New pickups, new clip! *Dark Tranquillity content*
  146. Anno Domini New Song Uploaded
  147. new video on my youtubeee
  148. Diamorphus Song uploaded
  149. Recorded some new tracks on my TAT
  150. Soundcloud
  151. First show in 8 months and got some good porn of the Orbit.
  152. In Loving Memory
  153. New Absence song!
  154. Fuzz Universe
  155. Another new recording with the TAT
  156. Another clip *Soilwork content*
  157. sea of lies
  158. My band Centurion Oath (Japan)
  159. Bloodmoon
  160. Anno Domini ONLINE STORE NOW OPEN
  161. new sweet band
  162. The River (my old band)
  163. New Live Christmas Footage
  164. Live Christmas Webcast
  165. Kourbash from Italy
  166. Happy new year to you all!
  167. Convolution Blue - Debut EP, free download
  168. Put your bands Myspace/Facebook/Reverbnation/etc link here
  169. Vote for my band please!
  170. Bored, recorded a clip *Soilwork content*
  171. Now Disciples of the watch, see your Prince of Darkness rise
  172. New Obscura
  173. Check out Tellus Requiem
  174. my bands new material on soundcloud, POWERBALL II ACTION!
  175. My band's first videoclip
  176. Bands Full Album Teaser Up.
  177. New songs up...
  178. Toxic Heart TV Mega Giveaway
  179. Gaia Dystopi melodic death metal
  180. Live video
  181. My Band DMA!!
  182. Orianthi can bite Jessica's ass !!
  183. New Unsphered Katharsis EP out now! FREE download!
  184. Female Caparison Artistes
  185. Symphony X in London
  186. News!
  187. Intelli-Shred Live Rig Rundown
  188. Post your bands live stuff!
  189. In Loving Memory "Negation Of Life"
  190. A little Christmas music...
  191. Marty Friedman : Forbidden City
  192. Sample of my bands upcoming album
  193. Hey Guys check out new music from my band
  194. First track of my band Bloodmoon's upcoming album Orenda
  195. My TAT in action LIVE
  196. Tellus Requiem new Release. Caparison TAT ++ ****ing Awsome.
  197. At the Gates - Australian Tour
  198. Tellus Requiem - Promo Video Horizon. (Awsome Melodic Symphony X content)
  199. New Fracture Album from the Norwegian Woods of Norther Light. (Caparison Horus user)
  200. Ola Frennings new band releases music video
  201. Cool Mattias IA Eklundh video. Tempered Caparison Horus is tempting...
  202. Feodor Dosumov
  203. Tracking the new CD
  204. Bloodmoon could use your help!
  205. Mors Principium Est - First track released (full album stream link added)
  206. Oh hell yes!
  207. Song tracked with my Custom Horus
  208. Mayones/Seymour Duncan/Keith Merrow Solo competition entry!
  209. Soilwork New Album! Anyone else keen?
  210. Can someone please cover this!
  211. Playing some Six-Point Lead stuff with my Jackson custom shop Rhoads
  212. Mattias "IA" Eklundh's "Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord"
  213. Decode The Design
  214. Steven Wilson / Guthrie Govan
  215. Haken
  216. Sevendust!
  217. Concrete Icon debut album Perennial Anguish samples!
  218. Jeff Hannemann R.I.P
  219. Port Noir
  220. Six-Point Lead low budget video :)
  221. New Dream Theater
  222. Acoustic guitar players
  223. Quick survey on intonation?
  224. This is what a TAT w/ BKP Warpig sounds like through a 300w Hi-Gain tube head
  225. False Coda - Closer to the edge (lyric video)
  226. Music Video
  227. Please give feedback! :)
  228. Decerment - cyber christ (demo) old school thrash sepultura/carcass
  229. Apple Horn Aurora in action
  230. DIESEAR(Melodic death metal band from Tiwan)
  231. DIESEAR(Melodic death metal band from Tiwan)
  232. Ghost Ship Octavius! Caparison Reward & will you LOOK at this lineup!!!
  233. Alpharist - "Devil's Demise" Video
  234. Evergrey NEW ALBUM! - Hymn's For The Broken
  235. DEMIAN HEUKE - SOLO ALBUM OUT (Caparison user! )
  236. In Loving Memory "Redemption"
  237. Norwegian AwesomeneSss
  238. My old band has new music!
  239. Enter Twilight - reformation and new members
  240. How To Captivate Your Audience: Expression
  241. Caparison Horus HGS EF in action
  242. Grizzly - Cynosure (2016 Single) Caparison Angelus M3B-Content.
  243. Capa Dellinger : Cause We've Ended As..