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  1. Hey man, idk if you got my PM. $1000 for the sunburst?

  2. Tell you what man,

    make me an offer! I need to move it both of these ASAP! I have found my soilwork custom! also have the opportunity to get a Peter Joseph and jona's 666 TAT!!!

  3. Hey bro you PM box was full so...

    I saw that one at GC too! Went to snag it immediately and was told someone had already bought it! Sold in less than an hour. GC guys are really dumb. Make me an offer on the sunburst then! I know I will get over $2k for the HGS. They are Uber-rare and no longer available. I sold my last one for well over $2k. I don't mind hanging onto it either. Just found a Soilwork Angelus.

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