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Thread: Show off your other guitars here - Wanna show off your girls? Go here

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    SJLee Guest
    I don't get what's so different about the TRS on your guitar.. got any pics to illustrate??

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    Sebas Honing Guest
    I've got no pics of it, sorry...

    ...but it's just what I said: It's the push-in arm. It works really well and smooth, it's easily adjustable and it's noiseless.

    Greets, Sebas.

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    SJLee Guest
    So when are you going to toss up some vids of you ripping it up on that guitar?

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    Sebas Honing Guest
    Not, I have no cam....
    ...but maybe sometime in the future...;-)

    Greets, Sebas.

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    silent_city666 Guest
    Sweet guitar man! I recently downloaded a copy of some instructional video Marcel did.. Gotta say he can play!! He was still using Ibanez's in that video so it must have been pretty old.

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    Sebas Honing Guest
    I finally borrowed a digital camera to make some shots of my gear. View them here...

    BTW, I added multiple pics of my MC-7, and on one of them you can see the plastic ring that holds the push-in arm of the Floyd.

    Other stuff in my collection that's not pictured in this gallery:
    -My The Animal black strat with added purple flames, but since I gave that guitar to my sister, it's not really mine anymore...
    -My acoustics: An old Eko Raider 12 from around the sixties, a Morgan acoustic with B-band pickup (that sucks like hell), a Kumika classical guitar, a heavily destroyed Alhambra 3/4 classical guitar and a cute 1/2 Paloma classical guitar (on which I started when I was 5)
    -My amps: A Marshall Valvestate model 8100 head with Conquest 4x10 cabinet, a London City MVG 150 combo and an old National combo
    -My effects: An Arion Stereo Chorus SCH-1 an a Bass Distortion, a Zoom Hyper Lead HL-01 and 606 multi effect, a Marshall Edward the Compressor ED-1, an Ibanez Phase Tone from the sixties and a Boss ME-33 multi effect.

    Greets, Sebas.
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    Attachment 66
    Jackson Snakeskin Soloist SL2H, got it back when I was almost 18 and graduated High school. It's got a Trembucker Duncan Full Shred and a JAzz in the neck pushpotted. Not a big fan of the full shred anymore, the JB's going in shortly.
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    That's one very nice guitar. I always wanted a snakeskin Jackson SL2H.
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    New pic

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    Sweet!!! That Les Paul has an old Randy Rhoads feel to it with that snake skin strap!

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