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Thread: Building speed

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    i use the same thing Wes..1.14mm..

    i usually get bored after a while doing scales so towards the end i mix it up and add some delay to make it more doing some cool things with delay is challenging and fun at the same time..after all it is time based
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    They are great. I started using em after I got one of Romeo's signature InTuneGP's. I love how they are small enough to hide in your hand for tapping stuff. I also really like how each side has a slight point so if the pick comes out of its hiding place turned the wrong way, there is still enough of a point to play with.
    I don't think I've ever broken one of those, worn em down....yes. The tortex is a good material and really easy on the strings. The Stubby's kill strings.

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    the best way is to play with a metronome .. no matter how boring n irritating it feels..

    i agree it doesnt get very interesting if ur only playing scales with a metronome... try shredding.. try sweeping arpeggios... may b theyll help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 27fretshred View Post
    Anyone got any tips, tricks and lessons/tabs to help build speed? I can play pretty fast but after hearing myself play it sure sounds really sloppy. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys.
    Google Guitar speed trainer. If that doesnt' work goto the site and there will be an ad for it somewhere on there. It tests you on how fast you are on up picking, down picking, alternate picking, picking patterns, scale speed, chromatic speed, randsom fingering speed, and has concentrated drills for hammer-ons, pull-offs, sweeps, and tapping included. you have to be honest when testing. Then it is a metronome but it automatically increases speed to a certain point and then slows back down to cool you fingers and pick hand off. This program recommends at least 20 minutes a day. This is just a brief over view. It gets really intense if you do all of the drills in each section and you do 2 sections a day in a rotating pattern. At the end you will learn how to play Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Also has tips for improv, ear training, memorzation, how to keep advancing and others. I think its $49.95. No I don't get anything from recommending it. I just know it works like anything else, you got to put in the time. Works for me and it will make you cleaner, clearer, faster, and more articulate.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by eduardo View Post
    The Intense Rock I still is one of the best instructional videos out there!

    Dunlop Gator 0.73 are the new hipp thing!
    +1 on both points. The three-notes-per string builds speed really fast and he has so many different patterns. My favorite is that blues/pentatonic with the huge intervals, even if it makes me feel completely incompetent.

    I'm a huge Nuno fan and a buddy mentioned Andy James has an "in-the-style-of" DVD out... anyone pick that up?

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    L4byr1nth Guest
    I use those Dunlop Stubby Triangle 3mm picks.

    It's more technique than anything else. Go slow, use a metronome, and try and vary what you practice.


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