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Thread: What cab for a studio?

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    In my opinion Randall are the best cabinet out there ... I've had Marshall, Crate, Mesa, Laney, Krank, even tried Peavey, Avatar and Orange. The best Cabs for Metal are Randall, you can choose between speaker : V30, GT-75 and Celestion 100 w (don't remember model). You can also have a mix of speakers which I highly recommend.
    And they are not overpriced.
    But you are right Mesa is not bad.

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    I just picked up a MACH 2x12B and I'm selling my Rivera K412B because it's THAT GOOD!

    I also grabbed a Bogner 1x12 cube with a V30. Sounds huge for what it is.
    I think it would be great for recording.

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    i would go mesa just for the sake that theyre gud all around cabs, ive had my rectifier cabinet for like 3 years and i hadnt replaced a single speaker and its still sustaining. not to mention it can take a beating, it still looks new. down side is i think mine is oversized lol. but randalls also seem pretty gud.
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    im really feeling an angelus M3B or a dellinger 7

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    Marshall 1960a cab. It's a classic cab that you can't go wrong with.

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    Call me crazy, but I picked up a Crate BV412 at a pawn shop. This thing is heavy as hell. It's loaded with V30's, so the Powerball sounds great through it. Best of all, I only dropped $225USD on it. Sweeeet!!!

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    I'm planning on getting a Vader for my Powerball. They're supposed to sound awesome with any type of head. A 4x12 is about $800 shipped to your door and they're pretty indestructible.

    Then I'll probably keep the mesa and buy a 5150 to use with it. I might be joining a 3rd band so I need another amp.
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    Then I'll probably keep the mesa and buy a 5150 to use with it. I might be joining a 3rd band so I need another amp.
    You could buy me one too, or something else Btw, the danish postal service finally got their finger out, but the tax they charge me is something around 40% of the price + shipping costs...
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