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Thread: Picking techniques

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    vermillionblood89 Guest

    Picking techniques

    well i suddenly realized that while changing strings (as in shifting strings).. i was doing a down, up, down, DOWN.. ( the 4th stroke on the next string)..i guess thats not the best way of picking...

    besides i kinda got mixed up between alternate picking n economy picking.. sometimes i do the alternate picking n sometimes the economy (problem is i cant control my hand).. when i try to do alternate picking while changing/shifting strings my hand automatically does that economy picking...

    by the way isnt alternate picking a better method than then economy picking?


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    I wouldn't say that alternate picking is a "better method". Both styles have there place. I would recommend practicing your control over which one you are meaning to do though (alternate picking when you want and economy pick when you want). Here is a awesome piece to play while practicing your picking.
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    vermillionblood89 Guest
    thanks for the tab.. ill practise that piece right after i get up tomorrow morning..

    i agree both has different benefits.. but i dunno which brings a more heavy aggressive metal sound.. n which helps in improving and building up accuracy and proficiency..

    besides petrucci (whom i hate) said in a magazine - he believes alternate picking is the best..(wat a ****) n i also saw many videos where michael romeo was doing his economy picking..
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    heavy aggressive metal sound...give me a break. Do what's most comfortable for you, that's all it comes down to.

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    i believe reoccurring theme in your threads is extremely over thinking, just chill out practice both and utilize as you best know how in your playing
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    I'm a big fan of smooth playing, so I prefer a good legato run over a picking run. However, when I feel a lick should be picked, I usually go for economy/sweep picking over strict alternate. I don't particularly enjoy that 'tick-tick-tick' picking sound. I prefer Michael Romeo's smooth picking technique (the pick more parallel to the strings and almost always economy picking).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physicist View Post
    I prefer Michael Romeo's smooth picking technique (the pick more parallel to the strings and almost always economy picking).
    The famous Frank Gambale technique. He said in an interview, it took 7 years to master it

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    I love Frank Gambale's picking technique. After injuring my own wrists it was something I had to learn to actually play a set for an hour without hurting myself.
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    Just do what you think is comfortable, i can't do economy picking even if i wanted to, my alternate picking is not that clean, and that's probably my reason why i became a hybrid picker. =)

    Just keep playing man!
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