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Thread: Intervew: Tom Englund of Evergrey

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    Post Intervew: Tom Englund of Evergrey

    Hi Tom,

    Being a long time fan of your work as singer/songwriter and guitar player, I really appreciate you taking some time out to do an interview
    and answer some questions. I'm sure you are a very busy person so if I may, I'll just jump right into the questions.


    1. Your latest album "Torn" with your band Evergrey was a bit of a departure from your previous album "Monday Morning Apocalypse" and was very well received among fans, with some saying it's the best album since Recreation Day, but is it everything you wanted it to be? By that I mean, now that the album is out, was there anything you wished you could do differently/better or just redo entirely?

    Well to start off I think that every single one of our albums differ from the one before or the next one after, our formula isnt that planned and simple so that we know and arrange songs in order for them to complement our backcatalogue, saying that I mean that we try to fulfil our own visions and try to reflect the state we're in at the moment of composing. Whatever comes out on the other end is what ends up on the albums. Torn is however one of the albums that I have come to enjoy longest, I still today find it to be really even and a great album qualitywise.

    2. Are you and the rest of the band busy working on the next album or just touring to promote the album right now? (or are you guys just taking it easy and giving yourselves some personal time between the Torn and the next album?). Also, will you ever be touring the US or Canada?

    Taking it easy doesn t really exist in our vocabulary ; )
    However with the economic resession in the world things have been really slow for this album, even though it sold the most of all of our albums so far. I think that what people tend to skip first is their budgets for entertainment. We are doing our first European tour in a couple of weeks fo rthe TORN album which never been the case before. We have been playing quite a few off shows and festivals though so its not like we have been sitting on our asses doing nothing ; ). Our minds are still set on this album and therefor we have not spent a single second to even think of writing another album.
    We have been touring USA and Canada 4 times up to now I think but so far we have not received an offer that made it possible for us to come on this album, yet.

    3. When can we expect the next Evergrey album? and do you have any side projects that you are working on right now?

    I dont know, as our label SPV has gone bankrupt we have to wait and see what label we will end up on for the next before starting to spend the enormous amount of time it takes for us to write an album. Henrik and Jonas have a sideproject called DeathDestruction and they are doing their first appearance at a festival this coming weekend. so check that out.

    4. If you were to write a song right now, what would your typical songwriting process be? Do you take some riffs you've been playing around with and build a song from there? or do you already have a stash of melodies that you've come up with that are just waiting to be turned into full songs?

    I usually start with somekind of melody on keyboard and build the song based on that and the mood of it.
    Then I add guitars and or vocals depending on what the song demands. We dont really have that much riffs lying around waiting to be picked up but there are some songs that didnt fit on the last album but most likely will end up being songs for a new.

    5. Your vocal style is quite unique in the world of metal, where did your style develop from?

    It comes out off a lot of booze cigarettes and buckets of coffee : )
    We had a singer before the first album but he quit 2 months before we were suppose to enter the studio to record the first album so my bassplayer at the time told me " Why dont you sing?" and thats how it started and this is where we are today. So no fancy singing lessons or vocalcamps ; )

    6. Seeing that you are friends with the guys from In Flames and Symphony X, have you ever considered doing any collaboration work with either band? Blending in some of the musical styles and textures.

    I actually never thought of it. I think all bands mentioned are far too busy with doing their own shit, especially In Flames. But I might be wrong.

    7. While you are the singer and frontman for Evergrey, you are also a very accomplished guitar player and both you and Henrik are amongst some of the better known endorsers of Caparison Guitars. How and why did you make the switch from the Ibanez's you used to play previously?

    Basically because ibanez didnt give us the support we needed. With Caparison we get everything we need and want and their support is the best there is, without comparison. Also having a lot of your own signature models of course helps ; )

    8. Will there ever be a Caparison Tom Englund Signature model that fans can buy? and what would the specs be like?

    I dont know, I think we have to sell a lot of albums in Japan first and foremost before we can achieve that and today we dont, why I dont have a clue. specs? you are talking to a guy who just know what feels and look right but I guess the specs would be the same as I have on my different ones today depending on the model of guitar.

    9. On your latest album "Torn", you used the 7 string for a lot of the guitar work. Was there are reason to why you chose to use the 7 string instead of just detuning one of your custom horus models?

    Well tuning down your 6-string doesnt create the sound of an 7-string even though the tuning is the same. I guess the extra wood that comes along with a 7-string achieves a different, more robust resonance and the sustain is also very different. Before we got our own models we did however tune 6-strings down as you said but never with a satisfactory result.

    10. Which 7 string did you use by the way? Was it really just a stock Dellinger 7 with no modifications?

    It was our own 7 string Dellingers with our own inlays in the neck and the position of the toggle swtiches and volume knobs differ from the original. Besides that I guess it is the same.
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    11. There are rumours out on the net that you own the highly coveted 7 string Horus. Is that true? If not would you ever get Caparison to make one for you? or are you happy with the Dellinger 7?

    I think if I ask really nicely they would do anything for us even if it would take some time. At the same time we dont want to make life to hard on them either, its a give and take relationship where I guess we are the ones who have been taking most so far : )

    12. What is the difference between your custom Caparison Tom & Henk pickups and the stock Caparison PH-R?

    Depends on the guitar, on a lot of them we do have EMG's but for the first ones we said we wanted something that sounded a bit Jeff Beck like for the bridge position but then after that I really cant remember where we ended up besides the fact that I was happy with the sound and never bothered to change.

    13. In more recent photos of you, it looks like you're now using EMGs in your guitars. Which ones are you using and why the change?

    Well the reason was that some of the guitars needed to complement the palmmuting that was very frequent in our playing style for a couple of albums. and we found EMG to handle that better...
    We use 85's and 89's different for different guitars and positions-

    14. If you were stuck on an island with just one guitar, which one would it be? (in other words, what's your favourite and/or dream guitar?)

    I have a Drop C Horus guitar with gold mechanics and machine heads that is a bit lighter in weight than the others I have, dont ask me why. That is the guitar that I used mostly and feel the most attached to so I guess it would have to be that one : ).
    If we are talking acoustic there is a "baby" Martin guitar that I have yet to see beaten by anything and I guess electricity on a deserted island would be quite insufficient and that an acoustic would work better : )

    15. I'm sure every Evergrey and Caparison fan out there would love to see your guitar collection. Would you have any photos of your guitars that you can share? (please say you do )

    Hehe actually I dont but on the DVD we released " A night to remember" we have a run-through of all guitars we received up to then. But of course there have been quite a few coming our way since then. Maybe one day I get off my ass and make some photots for you, but dont take that as a promise.

    16. In some of the videos you did during the production of Torn, it shows you using an ENGL (Savage?) into a 5150 for that thick killer tone on the album, but that's pretty impractical to do live without lugging a lot of gear. What's your typical live rig nowadays?

    We use 6505's from Peavey solely. together with a Boss noisesupressor and TC-electronic delay. shure wireless systems and about 6 guitars each due to the many differnet tunings we use.
    Henrik has a lot of different pedals and wah-wahs, he loves all the gear shit as oppose to me that hates it.
    The more shit you plug in the more shit you get in return in form of technical problems during the gigs. : )

    17. Who does your guitar tech work nowadays? or do you do it all yourself?

    We have a guy that has worked with us for almost a year now whos name is Rickard Whiberg. He's a young musicgraduate who as Henrik loves guitars and pedals and shit. He is really talented and calm and keep our guitars up to standard, we are very happy with him. It always help to have a guy that comes form your hometown as well so that if there are any problems he can bring it home with him and work on it in between tours.

    18. Would you ever attend a Caparison Jam Fest?

    Yeah I would attend but never play : ) I dont consider myself good enough to stand in front of a bunch of guitar loving dudes who probably all of them outplay me in a snap of a second.

    19. That's it for questions but would you have any words of wisdom or advice that you'd like to share with our readers?

    Remember that the vibrato is what makes you a guitarplayer and also give you a identity of your own! Thanks for the interest and shred it up!


    Thank you Tom, on behalf of everyone here at CaparisonForum.Com, I wish you the very best and I'm very much look forward to checking out the next album you put out.




    Tom Englund is the singer, frontman and one half of the guitar playing duo in the Swedish Prog Metal band Evergrey. For more information check out

    Never heard of Evergrey? Check out this video for "Broken Wings" off thier latest album Torn
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    Thanks for putting the time into that Budd!


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    Ver cool ineterview, Budd. I love that guy. And yes if he played at Jamfest I would listen. I think he is more than good enough to play in front of a room full of guitar loving dudes.

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    Thanks for doing the interview man!! So he DOESN'T have a 7 string horus afterall

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    Wow, that was really exciting, intimate and informative (: Very nicely pulled off Budd!
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    thanks for that nice interview budd!
    "...I dont consider myself good enough to stand in front of a bunch of guitar loving dudes who probably all of them outplay me in a snap of a second..."
    tells the guy that plays and slays the guitar like a god!! :-)

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    Great interview Budd! I've always had good impression from Evergrey people. Tom is really nice and humble. Too humble I think, because he can shred and besides that is also a huge vocalist! I liked it a lot!

    More to come, please!
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    If you have any specific questions you can list them here, I can try for another interview later. No guarantees though.
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    Sweet! I've been waiting for you to do an interview with Tom for a while now!

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