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Thread: Show us your Caparisons!!

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    My Dellinger MJD and Horus. I have a thing for white guitars
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    I quite like the Horus in white!
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    My beloved white M3B in action.

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    Just bought this from the Music Zoo in NY on New Years. It will be arriving on Tuesday. I have been itching for a Caparison 7 string since I no longer play 6 strings and sold my TAT-II. I am kind of wondering how the fixed bridge is going to feel since I am a trem guy so if someone who has a Dellinger7 Prominence and wants a 7 FX-WM I might be willing to trade, I tried to locate Prominence 7 but proved to be a difficult task.


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    Here she is, my Tat Special 7. The best 7 string guitarist could ever have.

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    nice dude, those are actually really good pictures of the spectrum finish!

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    my last remaining cap

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    I love this one!!
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