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Thread: NOCTURNAL RITESS please please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trypios View Post
    What? A university lecturer? Aren't you 20 years old?
    Well anyways, I prepare my M.Mus.
    and working two jobs like most of us here I guess
    You have to make a good time schedule.
    i like foreign students ict to get make there knowledge of the university system easier to use, and i study biology

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    Btw...does anyone have the backing track or midi file of the Lick Me mini song??
    flat5 guitarworks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexothphi View Post
    it would be $25 10 english , and the album is about half hour long anyway:P aha if u heard it, its pretty darn simple album!
    At the current exchange rate, 10 = $16.
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    Guys, it is ok to charge, but don't be ****s about it. The dude has an honest question and request. We want to grow our community not send them to bmusic or hc.

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