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Thread: Walnut Vs Mahogany

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    Red face Walnut Vs Mahogany

    Hello there everyone, hope you had a good new year! i hope this is the correct part of the forum to post this btw my apologies if it isnt.

    A fellow caparison owner (you know who you are) is selling a hgs which is made of wallnut, and i have a thundercloud made of mahogany (im busy raising funds to buy it) i thought wallnut was a deeper sounding wood, but its opposite and nearly as bright as maple! ive had ash guitars in the past and i wasnt impressed and ive had alder and basswood, and they sounded ok so question is how does this wallnut sound?

    Ive been given descriptions but can anyone maybe post a like for like soundclip? of chords and single notes of a mahogany horus, and wallnut horus?! I would much appretiate it! thankyou I am unable to try a wallnut as the only shop that sells them in the UK is like 200miles away.

    I love the tone of a mahogany horus, the deep and the woody sounding smooth leads! so will a wallnut just be really bright like the ash? which i didnt like : / (im looking at warmouth wood tone chart)

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    wood types & tones

    But it mostly depends on the quality.
    Two guitars of the same brand and model won't sound the same.
    Sometimes you have to compare
    Mahogany vs. mahogany or
    Walnut vs. walnut

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    Walnut isn't just a typical bright sounding wood. While it is bright and punchy, it has a very deep sound to it with some warm overtones. I always like to describe it as warm maple. I like mahogany, but I prefer walnut when tuning down at all.

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    I'm blown away by the sound spectrum I can get with my trusty and fav Horus HGS!! I have it tuned in C (11-15-18-32-44-56) and I can nail with ease Arch Enemy riffs with plenty of low end and tigh riffs without loosing any detail, probably due to the walnut trebly mids or something and besides that I can also get awsome solos tone with all notes jumpin and screamin (attention: stock pickups!). I can get a great Lynch vibe with it and also some Gilbert tones like no other guitar on the market. Just awesome!
    The cleans are ok. The neck pickup with the maple fretboad helps a lot cleaning the overall sound giving it some nice sparkle.
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    I quite like walnut horus models. The walnut is more of a nasal sounding (I love it it is something my mahogany delli does not deliver), rather resonant wood with enough bite. It is great for lower tunings as it does not get muddy on those frequencies. To be honest, I do not think you can go wrong with one

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    ok thanks for everyones help, i will be playing at standard tuning 99% of the time mind you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexothphi View Post
    ok thanks for everyones help, i will be playing at standard tuning 99% of the time mind you
    I keep my walnut HGS at standard tuning. The midrange quality of the walnut really gives the guitar an agressive roar with a nice bite that none of my other guitars can produce. I wouldn't call the sound "nasal" at all. I loved the sound with the stock pickup but eventually switched that out with a HolyDiver from Bareknuckles. The darker pickups work best in a walnut horus because of the brightness. Regarding cleans, I find my cleans absolutely huge and bell-like, but a good part of that can be attributed to the brass block upgrade that our dear Budd applied to the guitar when he had it in his hands.

    The walnut horus is definately my favorite of the bunch. Plays and sounds phenominal.

    Don't worry about it being too bright, as the stock pickup does compensate for that. A HolyDiver will brighten it up a tad but the highs are still just right for me.

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    I love mahogany, but think that Walnut has the best qualities of mahogany with a more focused and crisp sound. I have a regular Horus and the HGS and with a PH-R and SH-27 the regular Horus sounded okay. Ended up going with a Holy Diver and Dimarzio Fast Track 2 in it and it was a HUGE improvement. In my HGS the PH-R and SH-27 sounded fantastic. Much tighter and foucused and that is in B. Ended up changing them for a Painkiller and Tone Zone S, but I debated make the swap for a bit and the difference was far less drastic than in the mahogany Horus. Get the HGS youll be glad you did.

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