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Thread: Caparison Apple Horn Orange Vid

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    Smile Caparison Apple Horn Orange Vid

    I just found a quick vid I did of an Apple Horn Orange I had here and figured I'd toss it up on youtube. There's no guitar playing in it, because well.. I suck at playing the guitar. So you get to see the guitar close up and hear some annoying commentary from me, but the good news is if I start to sound too annoying you can always just turn off the sound!



    here's the vid

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    I do love the orange. Not big on sigs but I'm still waiting to try one of these.

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    Looks lovely if you ask me

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    I want one of those!!
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    Makes me crave oranges. After looking down at that orange skin finish for hours a day I would be brainwashed. I didn't know caparison did binding for rosewood.
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    Looks like orange peel haha, cool guitar but I did like the grey better.
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    I have one Applehorn in grey, but in orange looks cooler to me...
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    Budd I love your vids man!! The AH orange def looks better there than in pics. So the finish isn't a pro finish??

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