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Thread: pick suggestion

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    I just use the good ol' regular green dunlop tortex pick. I don't know what thickness it is, I just goto the shop and buy the green ones I tried the V-Pick and didn't think it was all that spectacular but I'm not really into thick, stiff picks.

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    The new Dunlop Jazz III Max Grips are phenomenal... they've rendered every other pick I have totally obsolete. But there aren't too many places you can get them.

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    the black ice piks by planet waves are always kewl.
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    Caparison CA picks are the best for me, Failing that Gilberts are great.
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    I like those Pitch Blacks, good product.

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    I like dunlop sharp 1.5mm

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    purple stubby 2.0mm. may try the v-picks, don't know 4 sure yet.

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    Id stick with the dunlops man, I had the same problem but then I realized(after catching Peter Lindgren of Opeth's pick at a show) That you can just take a razorblade and crosshatch the top surface of the pick and you have instant grip and the same familiar Tortex feel
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    If you have enough money to spend, try Red Bear picks.
    Very expensive though, around 20 euro for one

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    I've played with Dunlop Tortex Jazz 1.14 mm (or is it 1 mm ?) for 2 years now. The tone and precision are amazing.

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