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Thread: Guthrie Govan -DAMN HE'S GOOD!

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    Guthrie Govan -DAMN HE'S GOOD!

    Definitely one of the best I've seen.
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    Omg!! That Guy Is Awesome!!! Who Is He?? How Come I've Never Heard Of Him??!?!?

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    I remember seeing this guy in some Uk magazine but I never realized how good he actually was.

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    Wow, this guy is good!!

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    Hes so amazing and a cool guy to boot. Such a great, under-rated player.
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    spork Guest
    Definitely one of the most underrated guitar players. His album erotic cakes is simple awesome!

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    Check out a cut of his called "Wonderfully Slippery Thing"'ll either send you into the woodshed or make you put all your gear up for
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    spork Guest
    This guy makes me want to give up guitar playing!!

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