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Thread: Decent vocals mic for a home studio?

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    Decent vocals mic for a home studio?

    I'm thinking about recording some demo vocals in my home studio, which currently I use only for guitars and keys, but I'm completely lost in the wide world of microphones. Any of you with some experience in the field could suggest a decent but affordable (talking about the 100-200 figure here) mic suitable for vocals?

    Additionally, I've seen in some pictures that people are using micscreens like this in their home studios. Do you know if it's worth for not properly acustically conditioned places? Or it will make no difference?

    Thank you very much in advance, guys!
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    SM57 or 58 pretty good - Epic Death Metal - For fans of Behemoth, Dimmu, Fleshgod etc


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    58 for sure.

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    Can't argue the 57 or the 58. I prefer the Mojave Audio 201 fet. It is a bit expensive but it can take the spl like a 57 but better, and it delivers better clarity and response for vocals than the 58. But it is $695.00 usd. I don't have one but I have heard it and my buddy who just ogt a Master Certificate in Music Production and Technology form Berklee ( yes the Berklee Music College in Boston Mass) online and he told me that this was his next purchase for his own studio. Just a thought. But, I agree with the guys abouve can't beat a 57 or a 58 for the money.

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