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Thread: Exclusive Henrik Danhage Gear Tour

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    Talking Exclusive Henrik Danhage Gear Tour

    Been in contact with Henrik recently, helping him pimp out his guitars. Seeing that he's all the way in Sweden and I'm in Canada, it wasn't feasible to get the complete premium package done on his guitars so instead, I just hooked him up with the hardware portion of my premium package (which I now dub the ARM Tech Package, ARM standing for Advanced Resonance Maximizer Package) as well as recommending him the DiMarzio Norton+Chopper set of pickups for the sound he was after for the new DeathDestruction Album (and also likely what he'll be using for future Evergrey recordings as well).

    As a token of appreciation, he went and recorded a quick gear tour of the guitars and gear he'll be using so now we can all check out all his custom Caparisons So here's the video tour

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    that studio theyre in is IF studios (owned by In Flames) and was the old, original Studio Fredman sold to In flames by Fredrik Nordstrm. i recorded there when it was still studio fredman! its a badass studio.

    im at the new studio fredman right now about to record again

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    100% rad,

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    Cool vid!!!
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    to each his own but i think that too many of his customs look alike
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    Im soo Jealous. Thanks for the cool vid Budd! - Epic Death Metal - For fans of Behemoth, Dimmu, Fleshgod etc


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelseadevil21 View Post
    to each his own but i think that too many of his customs look alike
    Just the same opinion here. Henrik looks like a very nice guy, I totally love his work in Evergrey and his guitars are nice, but if I had access to the custom shop I will better have something different.
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    Fair play, i love the custom with the maple neck on the walnut body with the single inlay in the middle, same though, id have gone with somethinga little more special If I had acces to the custom shop.

    Thanks for the vid though Budd!

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    Really cool of him to do that.

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    This guy is the coolest!
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