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Thread: Ronnie James Dio passed away

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    Ronnie James Dio passed away

    It seems there was a hoax about his death yesterday, but finally his wife has confirmed the worst news:

    After a couple of interviews some months ago it seemed that treatment was working and Dio could defeat cancer. Too bad things turned out this way in the end.

    Rest in peace, Dio. A true legend left us today.
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    I got 3 more frets than you

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    -_- sad day in metal indeed.
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    rip to a metal god :-(

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    bad & sad news :-(
    (melancholic doom/death)

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    i dont know but since yesterday, everything feels a bit different.. i was planning to see him as he did not do many shows around here where I live but i was hoping for some, that means one huge FUUUUUUUUUCK for me
    may his soul rest among other huge artists, he did an awesome job entertaining people!

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    He was definitely one of the best known singers in the metal world and will surely be missed.
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    shit.. speechless. rest in peace!
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    Completely ruint my day... His voice had Power, Majesty, and Purity....One of the best ever....RIP and GOD BLESS Ronnie!!!

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by musicman_72751 View Post
    Completely ruint my day... His voice had Power, Majesty, and Purity....One of the best ever....RIP and GOD BLESS Ronnie!!!

    I'm glad I got to see him a couple of years ago. He was still kicking so much ass. The news of his death yesterday took me totally by surprise (I thought he was giving cancer a run for its money) and left me more upset than I would have thought.

    RIP Ronnie

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