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Thread: Can anyone here multifinger tap?

  1. Can anyone here multifinger tap?

    Im trying to learn how to tap with all fingers on the right hand but i cant figure out how to mute. I really dont want to use a mute at the first fret. Does anyone multifinger tap here?


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    as much as you dont like it... I'd say use a hair tie that you can slide onto the first fret. One day when you've become quite the 8 finger tap machine... then experiment with no mute. I've done it for a while and I've found that when trying to learn how to effectively tap with the right hand AND mute, it can become quite overwhelming. There is no shame in using a hair tie... haha
    Watch a live video for the Protest the hero song, ______ Throne (i forget the first word)
    he slides a hair tie up to fret 4 or 5 so immediately after the sweeping he can go into the 6 or 7 finger tapping riff to end the song (same riff as the intro)

    TLDR version.. tap now, learn to mute later

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    I'd say start slow and learn to mute with your picking hand..

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    Try and study what this guy is doing:

    TJ Helmerich

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Trypios View Post
    Try and study what this guy is doing:

    TJ Helmerich
    Yep, of course. TJ is incredible.

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    multi finger tap??!?! I can barely tap using one finger. How do you guys figure out what notes to tap with your right hand?? I mean all I've been doing is the van halen eruption thing and it's getting old.
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    There's a french guy who made a whole EP with 8 fingers (or 9 ??) tapping... Daniel Peroine or just google him, you'll find a lot of stuff he also gives some masterclass (but dunno if he travels a lot or no at the moment).
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    not the best example but this guy can tap
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    great hairtie suggestion, i picked this trick up from james malone in arsis
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