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Thread: Any Millionaires in the forum?

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    Any Millionaires in the forum?

    As i know some of us here might agree... the grains on the oiled mahogany dellinger are often beautiful! Has anyone got enough money, or is anyone thinking of getting a horus refinished anyway that take the plunge into stripping one?, id love to see a oiled mahogany horus......... although they probably aren't book matched due to the paint jobs on them.
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    I'd asked Budd if he's ever seen one, I think he mentioned that he did strip one before in a PM.

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    I had a guy that wanted me to strip a horus once and he was all for it but seeing that it was a brand new guitar, I basically ended up telling the guy just to play the damn guitar and not care about dinging the body because once it gets enough dings we'd then strip it. It just gave him a better reason to play the guitar more
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