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Thread: Exchange rates

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    Exchange rates

    It seems that the current exchange rate has gone a little wonky. Back in the old days I could get $1.30-$1.40 Canadian for each US dollar I converted but I tried to withdraw some money from my paypal account today and the exchange rate they gave me was completely stupid!! I know dollar is at par ($1 CAD = $0.9995 USD or something), but paypal is giving me $0.97 CAD for each $1 USD I'm exchanging!! Last week I was at least getting $1.02 CAD!

    The good news is that I can buy stuff from the US for cheaper now but the bad news is that when I sell stuff to the US I lose out now Anyone know of a way to get USD out of paypal without needed to convert it to local currency?
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    I think it'll be a while before the US$$ goes back to where it used to be. You folks up in Canada are lucky with your new found oil. That's why your $$$ is going up.

    Paypal isn't as bad as most banks and postal exchanges. Try going to your bank to see how much you can get for your USD and you'll be surprised at how little you'll get.

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    brokenarrow Guest
    It can't last too long.. it just can't!!

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    ibanezguy Guest
    Don't freak out yet.. if you look at the exchange rates right now, the USD is slowly gaining it's foothold back.

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    My economist friend says that the dollar will get back to where it was a year ago in 2008. So in the meantime I'm just going to stop importing stuff.

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