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Thread: alan holdsworth scales, any advice?

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    alan holdsworth scales, any advice?

    hey everyone. i am super in love with alan holdsworth's style of playing. the legato work he does is absolutley incredible! i like doing a lot of legato technique but im having trouble finding out what scales he uses. anyone have a general idea on what scales he frequents?
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    He's a fusion player. He throws anything he can think of over the chords, especially unusual stuff like augmented , HW dim, jazz melodic minors etc. Since he's thinking too much outside the box, you won't find the answer in a thread, you have to study jazz phrasing and his approach.

    What I noticed though, is that he favors 4-note per string scales. Also he doesn't do 'pull-offs'. All notes are hammered-on, even when descending, very weird technique.

    Try this book, if you can understand theory

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    Allan has made a video on REH in 1991, in which he demonstrates his 10 favorite usable scales. True enough they are not normal scales. I'm not very well versed in his style or anything, but his thinking is refreshingly different.
    According to wikipedia, the video has been put out as a dvd in 2007.
    Ha! Found it:

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    I own this book and think it's very well done. An amazing amount of information well worth the money. Standard tuning in this book so have at least one E-A-D-G-B-E tuned one.

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