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Thread: Axe Fx Ii. Trololol Umad?

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    Question Axe Fx Ii. Trololol Umad?

    So, with out much of an announcement g66 kinda dropped a bomb a few weeks ago saying that "a new age of digital bla bla bla" was upon us and recently made public the AXE FX II

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Axe-Fx™ II. With twice the power of our former flagship "Ultra," the Axe-Fx II unveils new state-of-the-art algorithms and an innovative array of great hardware and software features and improvements.
    So whats the hub bub all about?

    Well if you take a mosey on down to any of the guitar forums which have threads on this it seems the distributors kept the recent release some what shrouded in secrecy and were only too helpful to their new clients in selling the now defunct AXE FX ULTRA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antenna
    This is probably one of the most discouraging things I've ever seen. I've literally had my Axe FX for like 3 months now..... **** man!
    Quote Originally Posted by djpharoah
    Waiting for the price of a standard to drop sub $1k with this news
    Quote Originally Posted by Metalus
    Same here man im pretty bummed. I bought mine in January
    The melancholic posts go on, and on, and on....

    All AXE FX seem to think is "trololol u just blew $2k on ur obsolete fx rack dude, no probs u can buy my new 1 "

    I was considering an AXE FX ULTRA (again) recently and one of the main detractors of the unit was the lack of USB (I dont want to have to buy a ton of midi interfaces to get the best functionality out of it)

    So im glad i didnt rush into it as i wouldve shot myself in the foot.

    For anyone who doesnt own a pro studio or have a recording contract im sure this release will mean little to them in real terms. But the psychological effect on them will be "OMG my $2k unit is now obsolete cause theres something even more awesome out there".

    person 1:"well im using a POD"
    person 2:"lol u noob im using axe fx, only retards use pod"
    person 3:"ffffffuuuuuuuuu all. I have the AXE FX ULTRA and nothing sounds better. not even your mom taking it up the @$$"
    Axe FX:"ohai guize, sry but your units are all shit, heres something i kept quiet trolol"

    Alot of people had kept the second hand market buoyant because the lack of availability meant demand way outstripped supply so it was a sellers market.

    A recent peruse through ebay reveals that either the UK is host to alot of leading edge technology studios or people are trying to off load their now defunct and obsolete technology before the price bottoms out.

    So. the topic on the table here is

    What do you think of Fractal releasing this with out so much as a heads up to potential customers.


    If you own a unit will you keep your standard/ultra or will you upgrade and why.


    in case you did the tl;dr shit

    *Pic Story*

    EDIT: I take no responsibility for the clarity and genius presented in pic story. I stole it from's thread on the matter =)
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    hahahahaha, cool storyboarder you there!.
    Here in Spain when the Axe II release was announced I re-bumped an ad in which I was looking for one for more than a month and without receiving any offer. Well, 5 minutes later I had 4 offers with "affordable" prices over the desktop: 1.600-1.700€ for an Ultra
    (melancholic doom/death)

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    I have owned a Ultra for two years now, so I guess I can somehow give an informed opinion on this.

    What do you think of Fractal releasing this with out so much as a heads up to potential customers.
    (I assume that for a company bringing out a new product with improved capabilities is something legitimate).

    I think Fractal does not deserve the huge amount of bitching there has been on the forums. In the end, bringing out a new product is a natural evolution, and no matter how, no matter when, the moment it comes out some people is going to be in the losing end, as a digital product it is prone to a pronounced depreciation. I understand how new customers feel and I don't know if there is anything Fractal could do to make them feel better, but it's also legitimate for them to voice their opinions, and they have a point. However, honestly, I think it is a case of bad luck. Someone has to take the blow. Someone has to buy the last AxeFx before the II is released.

    The key argument in the forum flame wars seems to be this: depreciation. And I firmly believe people is not taking into account some things:

    + What is NOT natural (nor good, I'll say) is to have something selling second hand for a bigger price than new. This has been happening to Axes for its entire lifespan.
    + What's the asking price for a good 2000-new amp head second hand? 1500? (I'm not sure since I've been out of the market for amps for a long time). That's roughly what Ultras are going out right now, and even more!
    + Axes could potentially depreciate faster, but they have NO MAINTENANCE. Substract prices for tube changes and the such when you calculate your investment when selling an amp head.
    + When was the last time you bought a new computer for your home studio? I personally don't expect to get any of those back. (If anything, I could reuse hard drives.) I had this in mind when purchasing my AxeFx.
    + My personal belief is that Axes will retain a quite high resale value until some other company comes out with algorithms getting a similar sound quality at a better price.

    I think Fractal (while still being a company operating for profit) actually cares more for their customer base than any other company. My points:

    + From what I have heard/read, shortage of units and long waitlists the last months (at least in europe) has been a deliberate strategy in order to have a gap during which no new units were dispatched. From what I understand, since fall/winter 2010 no one got a new unit from G66. If you ordered an Ultra December 2010, you'll be getting an AxeII for roughly the same price.
    + Even if that's not the case, wipping out Standards and Ultras from the product list seems to me a very smart move. Probably it will help selling more Axes II, but when the dust settles and everything becomes normal again, which price tags will be facing a person willing to buy an AxeFx? 2300 for an Axe II. No new Ultra for 1700, he will have to go second hand if he wants a lower price, and that's why I believe that Ultra prices will still be kept at a fair amount. I think about 1500-1700 probably. That would not be the case if Fractal decided to keep the Ultra and/or standard in production, which will probably be more profitable for them since their potential customer base will be bigger!!

    If you own a unit will you keep your standard/ultra or will you upgrade and why.
    I'm definitelly keeping my Ultra. It does everything I need and it sounds so good that I can imagine myself playing with it forever. I don't need anything more. Depending on how the Axe II sound quality turns out to be and where the resale prices end, I might be getting an additional AxeFx II or an additional Ultra for a backup rig in some months.
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    i thought they were more about software updates rather than hardware

    i don't really care because i didn't buy one, but it's not like a new model makes the old one worse. if anything it's good for the guys who don't have the $$$ to drop on a new one. i might be a bit mad if i just purchased one, knowing about it in advance, i might have just waited it out

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    I've had an Ultra for over a year now, and it's a cool piece of gear (though I still use tube heads too, they both have their place for me).

    I don't mind that they've come out with an upgraded version (nor any strong opinion on how they announced it), but I'm not racing out to get it either. I still have a lot to learn about the model I already have, unless the new one makes huge strides forward (which I can actually hear with my ears versus just basing it on hype), I'll continue to use what I have. I don't get too excited about upgrades in general, I just like making music and if the gear is working I use it into the ground unless I'm really convinced there's something better.

    What would be really funny is if a year from now the consensus became the older one just sounded better despite the updated spec on the Axe II, and everyone started saying "try to find an original if you can".
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    The usb functionality eliminates having to use a midi system to record with it. That alone makes it much more appealing to me.

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