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Thread: I Loathe...

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    I cant stand EMG's, no idea why people would buy a top end guitar just to put them in.
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    IMHO, this topic always unveils a little fanboyism.

    I don't think they are neither so bad (you can get a bunch of crushing tones out of them) nor godly (some people automatically switch everything they get their hands on with EMGs).

    I tend to think about them like cars. If you want to have a pleasant drive, enjoying responsiveness from a progressive engine and feeling the corners of a winding mountain road with a firm steer, you are probably better with a rear-wheel drive little german or italian coupe. However, if you have to bring some heavy gear through a country road filled with mud, you are probably better with a big american 4x4 pick up. Like EMGs, it may not be nice, it may not be elegant, but it gets the job done. And, when talking about metal, the EMGs get the job done, I don't think there are a lot of objections against that (and there's a huge amount of good examples out there!).

    I would never have them in my main guitar, but if I have to play some good old style crushing metal, I won't say "no" to a couple of trustable 81/85s.
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    I found 85 cool in my RG2610 when I still had it. 81 was better for riffing etc but 85 just was lovely for lead stuffs. Personally I like passive pups more but I don't hate EMG or duncan blackouts..
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    +1 to the car metaphor...

    Been using BKPs straight for the last 4-5 years, now I'm just curious about the new X's by EMG (let aside that I've always been searching for a passive EMG 85/707 ever since I made the change for passives, found eventually in the Miracle Man).

    Just trying to see how I like the EMGs, next on the list would be a set of alnico Nailbombs for the Angelus
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    I am interested in the X's also I think. Jona uses them and I dig his tone!

    I might try a D-activator and an X2n for now. Any thoughts?

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    I guess being the guy that also runs the DiMarzio forum I should answer your D-Activator question.

    The tone of the D-Activators have quite a bit more focused than the X2N which is just pure raw power, which is great if you want to overload the front end of your amp for more distortion. If you already have a X2N in the bridge, the D-Activator neck pickup would work fine and balance quite well. The D-Activator neck has a lot of highs to help your lead tones cut through, it's NOT going to give you that round fluid John Petrucci lead tone but more of a cutting lead tone that's better suited for aggressive metal. Which odds are, will work in your guitar fitted with an X2N.
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    The fact EMG's were created for playing lead i find you posting this bordering on pretentiousness.

    lower noise ratio gives more gain opportunity. so if you play metal you can get a more defined tone at high gain levels.

    And the fact that they're active means the magnetic field doesn't have to be as strong ergo it doesnt pull on the string as much as a passive and by this fact alone increases sustain.

    Why cant you people who install EMGs and whine about them get it into your head that EMGs were meant to sound like... EMGs and no matter what guitar you put them into they will generate roughly the same tonal output.

    I have an AI with PHR + Sh 27 and a Horus with white EMG 81/SA installed and honestly I love both guitars tone.

    Try getting a new amp or processor if you want to find a better tone.

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    Well,as one of my friends loves to say:with a set of EMG even an ironing board could make a sound...but the problem is that even a good and seasoned mahogany table sound the same XD
    Please make your guitar happy and stop idolatre EMG's they're tone killer!
    After 10 years of playing with them,I've stopped use'em...

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