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Thread: what's the max you would s pend for a guitar?

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    what's the max you would s pend for a guitar?

    mmm I couldn't see myself paying more than 3k and even that's a stretch... but damn i want a custom ESP

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    $3500-$4k is the MOST I'd ever spend but it'd have to be a VERY good one (ie. custom). As much as I would LOVE to own something like a TAT Special or a CL10 Horus or Dellinger, I'd have to admit that I mostly buy used for myself 'cause I'd rather put money into my business than buy a brand new toy for myself. (all my own personal toys have mostly been used guitars actually now that I think about it).
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    Most I have spent is 1350. Most I would spend. I think no more then 10% of my total net worth at any time.

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