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Thread: ...and the reason i sold my delli is...

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    ...and the reason i sold my delli is...

    ...that i have a custom axe being built by William Stinnett

    You can see his work at:

    My specs:

    M6 body shape with C headstock (the first M6 being made)
    Mahogany body
    5 piece oiled maple-walnut neck
    Set neck construction (gotta love teh angelus )
    Quilted maple top
    EMG 89 on the bridge and SA on the neck
    24 frets
    EKG inlay

    and most important


    cause it's faster

    Now i don't have many pics of the whole process but these will do the trick till i get my hands on this baby.

    #1 my wood

    #2 forearm contour done with vacuum

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    #3 back

    #4 neck configuration

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    #5 EKG inlay

    #6 the top (not finished yet)

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    How much is this costing ?

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    Unfortunately i cannot post that in public...

    But as you can see from the quote form, his prices are VERY reasonable.

    And be assured that the quality is top notch.

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    No probs.

    looks good so far

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    Looks mad. The quilt top is to die for! Love the fretboard inlay as well! Going to be an epic guitar.

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    i dont want to sound critical cause it looks awesome but if its not too late get him to stain some blue ontop of that red, trust me red guitars get tired looking quickly.

    other wise i cant wait to see how it looks when its finished. btw ive got an EMG sa in my horus and it sounds really smooth, its a good choice.

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    It's currently at the late stages of clear coating.

    Can't wait to try out the SA. It's been a while since i've used a single in the neck position.
    Btw i didn't mention this will have the double battery mode

    Cheers man, can't wait to get my hands on it.

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    the 18v mod is cool, i have the same mod on my 81/SA the best way i can describe it is, the extra voltage gives more headroom and makes the pick up tone range wider. Its hard to describe. like a little more uncompressed then a regular 9 volt sound.
    Any ways the good thing about EMGs are you know how it will sound no matter what you put them into theyre awesome pickups.

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