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Thread: ...and the reason i sold my delli is...

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    looks bad
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    and these are shitty cell phone pics

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    Very nice
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    That thing is sexy!

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    and it plays sexy too...

    damn, i can't post a NGD cause my camera is out for a repair.
    hope i will soon

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    Been following this since you made the thread. The top is pure sex! What's the neck on this like?

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    oiled neck with hard maple/walnut/flame maple/walnut/hard maple configuration.

    the thickness is pretty similar to my dellinger.i think i have the exact measurements somewhere...
    but if i remember correctly the difference was 1mm wider and 1mm thicker (stinnett from delli)

    As a neck shape, the stinnett has more of that flattened feel.
    The delli was a bit rounder on the upper neck but they are both just about the same on the lower part.

    In general i dig the **** out of the neck shape.

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