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Thread: Does anyone know anything about this Evergrey Custom Horus?

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    Ask gyver. He bought a Evergrey Horus.. :-) But i would try to find the email for Evergrey and ask if he can sell this guitar... Sometimes luck strikes..
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    I emailed tom and sometimes he actually gets back to you with an offer, but mostly they're way too much for a gigged axe...

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    Do you have that email address? Or do you know how I could send him one?

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    Thanks for the help guys.
    I wish Caparison would release more Oiled finishes. They are awesome!!!

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    Knowing Tom, that color is called "red". Wood is most likely mahogany or walnut. I'm thinking more walnut than mahogany. Based on the size of the pickup ears, it's a Caparison pickup so it's likely the Tom & Henk pickup that he's had in his guitars for a while. Tom's not a gear nut. You can contact Tom via the e-mail address on the Evergrey website.
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