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Thread: New product line 2012!!!

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    New product line 2012!!!

    Its awesome!!! just had to post it, got all exited as f*ck! XD

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    no more TAT specials?

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    doesnt seem so But the horuses are great! love the option of the wood combinations that were introduced in the cl10 series and it was about time for new finishes

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    Question is are prices going to go down? or are they going to sky rocket even more? If so I will probably have to wait a year or more for these new models to hit the used market.
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    Doesn't look like there's any more TAT Specials. The fact that the Horus got changed to what it is now really shows how much influence the new owners have over how the company was run before. ie. it seems like Itaru has less say in things. I remember asking him a couple years back on why they never put the bound ebony neck on the standard Horus models and I was pretty much told that it was the way Cha Cha Maru designed the Horus and he didn't want to mess with it since that's how Cha Cha wanted it.

    Some of the new changes I really don't understand though. A 24 Fret hard tail orbit??? It's cool factor just went down a step from the 27 Fret Orbit with the Floyd for me personally.
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    the orbit is dumb
    the angelus and horus are awesome though
    i really want both

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddroyce View Post
    A 24 Fret hard tail orbit??? It's cool factor just went down a step from the 27 Fret Orbit with the Floyd for me personally.
    I honestly thought they'd step it up by giving it new sponge finishes or something cool, not the other way around... Do you think if the demand is high enough they'll change it back next year, given that how things are run in the company has changed?

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    Gold hardware is no longer an option in Hori?
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    My Black Night Horus is so going up for sale to finance the BlackRose M3. Best looking Cap ever! I can even live with the ugly pickup route, because the rest is just perfect. I do still wonder why they put regular baseplates on the 7-string pickups but not the 6-string models. Oh well...
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    I just recieved a mail from Cranes. The price of the M3 Horus with ebony fretboard is 1899 and they already have a SnowStorm in stock. Its a lot of money, but not nearly as bad as I had feared.

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