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Thread: NGD blackmachine and custom suhr!

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    NGD blackmachine and custom suhr!

    Well this is the only place i want to post this porn!

    I have been selling all my gear off, for the past year including 2 caparisons, an engl SE, diezel vh4.

    Not only to downsize and save a little but to get these 2 beauties!

    facebook -> kieran kojima

    Suhr modern custom
    Blackmachine b6
    Caparison Horus Thunder Cloud
    Diezel VH4
    Axe fx standard
    ENGL v30 4x12 straignt
    Ibanez ts808 original 80's
    dimarzio cables
    dimarzio/ bareknuckle pickups.

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    wow, the blackmachine looks all Blackmachines I've seen. Hopefully one day I'll have one. Congratulations!!
    (melancholic doom/death)

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    Skervesen: 4AP Custom, Raptor 6 NTB Custom, Raptor 7 FF Custom, Shoggie 7FF
    Ran: Crusher 7 FT Custom
    Strandberg: Boden USA 7
    Ibanez: J.Custom RG8527Z BX

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    Suhr <3

    Suhr Modern custom, Suhr Modern M7, Stonebridge GS-23-CR, Fender USA deluxe P-bass, Almansa conservatory 435
    ENGL E670 + E412VS, Ashdown ABM EVO-II (2x10)
    Axe FX II

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    That suhr looks amazing. I love the maple top.

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