Hi peeps.

So I am still messing around with my Dellinger and trying out stuff. I have changed the gauges a few times and it seems to sound better and is way easier to adjust in any other higher tuning than C-standard which is what I have it back in right now.

After a lot of string sets and different gauges I have determined that i am most comfortable around 11, 15, 18, 32w, 44w, 59w. Currently I have the Amott set on. I still get some buzz on the sixth string and it eventually went away after raising the bridge and doing a milimetric turn on the truss rod. Now I have a superlow action on the higher strings and a little too high action on the lower strings. So I am thinking if anybody could share some measurements of how you have your strings set up on your Dellingers and how your Schaller's height and neck profile look regarding that.

I am starting to think that all my way of getting adjusted is due to the fact that I have never had a raised tremolo (out of body or however they are called) before and that I am placing it wrong. I managed to readjust my intonation and all but now that I have moved it all again it's kinda off again. I want to make sure I get it all adjusted decently before I go back to intonation.

Pictures with indications of mesurements depending on frets for example would be great. I am getting the feeling that I should raise the bridge to the level of the pick up mount on the bridge but then the action is so high that I would have to make the neck go back to relocate it all and that is something I want to avoid (touching the neck more than necessary). Maybe I should just go back to a higher gauge of strings anyway. What do you guys think?

Any input?


PD: I bumped an old threat of mine to avoid opening a new one on a choice of pick ups. Maybe you want to go there and tell me what you think will work best of the choices I narrowed down. Just check the end of the threat from my profile.