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Thread: Welcome to the Offical Caparison Forum - Please Read

  1. Welcome to the Offical Caparison Forum - Please Read

    First of all we'd like to give a special thank you to Budd Royce, the founder of this fantasic resource. We're indebted to him for building a great community for the benefit of Caparison fans, and guitar lovers everywhere. And to reiterate the original forum mission statement: Our goal is to establish a friendly, growing community around Caparison Guitars and just guitars in general. Most of the members here are veteran members of other boards and are able to assist you with any questions you might have, or at least able to direct you where you can find some info.

    Please try to be civilized on this board, there's enough stupidity going around in the world that we don't need anymore here.


    - GOLDEN RULE: Treat others the way you would want to treat yourself - No trolling and No bullying.

    - Spam I mean solicitation by unauthorized Dealers of any sort or capacity is not allowed.
    - Posting of adverts is restricted to the classifieds section and is for contributing members only, posting of adverts in the wrong forum is treated as spam!
    - Registration DOES require a valid e-mail address.
    - Membership can and will be stripped away should any of the rules be broken.
    - THE ONE RULE ABOVE ALL RULES -> Have fun, share knowledge and learn from others.

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    It's been a long trip. We went from being an unofficial fan forum in 2007 to one of two official forums in 2008, then back to unofficial when Caparison went under and finally we're back as being as official as we can get as the site is now owned and operated by the Caparison Guitars Company. Expect a lot of great things from this place and if it falls short of delivering an awesome experience, feel free to give the blokes running this place some grief to make it great!!


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