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Thread: New guitar pickups?

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    New guitar pickups?

    Howdy Y'all,
    This is my first post so I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, and please be gentle..

    I'm about to receive my first Caparison, Horus M3 MF Black Rose (huzzah!)

    I have two questions.
    1. Are the stock pickups any good?
    B.(if answered no to question 1) Which pickups would you suggest?

    Like anyone who buys a Caparison, I play mostly melodic metal/Rock (Dreamtheater, Symphony X,)
    I've Seymore Duncan Blackouts and DiMarzio X2N and Tonezone's in my other Ibanez'
    so I'd like to try something different.
    For some reason I'm thinking about the Seymour Duncan Parallel axis distortion, or maybe something from Bare Knuckle.
    Anyone have any experience with any of those? In a Horus?

    Thanks for any reply's in advance,
    And ROCK ON!!!

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    1. Some people love them.
    2. My suggestions:

    DiMarzio Neck: Air Norton S, BC-1, Chopper, Pro Track. Maybe a Virtual Solo or Virtual Heavy Blues 2
    DiMarzio Bridge: Crunch Lab, X2N, Breed Bridge, D Activator, Evo, AT1

    Duncan Neck: Hot Rails, JB Jr, Lil 59. Maybe a Hot Stack Plus
    Duncan Bridge: Distortion, Custom, JB, Alt 8

    Bareknuckle Neck: Sinner, Trilogy Suite
    Barenuckle Bridge: Miracle Man, Holy Diver, Painkiller, Aftermath. Maybe a Warpig, Nailbomb or Black Hawk

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    Hey welcome to the forum.
    I have the horus HGS and i swapped out the stockies with a crunchlab and airnorton s and it sounds tight! Incredibly happy with the new tone.
    Caparison Horus HGS Pro BlackModded Natural Finish

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    Try it with the stock pickups for a while, you might like 'em And welcome to the forum, great to have you here!

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    I'd go for BKPs or Suhr Aldrich if money is not an issue. Otherwise what Code001 said.
    Though I believe most of the tone comes from the amplifier and high output pups all sound very similar

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    Stock pickups are just great! Never felt the need to swap them! PH-R is such a rich spectrum of frequencies pickup that sometimes I forget I have a neck pickup too (sweep picking included! ). This might be a silly argument, but with stock pickups you own a distinctive tone no one else (aside Caparison owners) around has. Just my 2 cents.
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    I have a warpig in my main axe and an aftermath in the other. Both are Horii and sound great!
    My Band - For fans of Death Metal

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    Hey !

    Trypios suggested Suhr Aldrich - I have that pickup in bridge position right now and really I love it.
    Thing is - I have BKP Painkillers in My Ibanez JCRG7-1VV and those pickups are just .... from god (at least for that guitar)
    So - I want to try BKP Warpig in My horus and I have Suhr Aldrich for sale (PM Me if You are interested)...
    Anyway - like eduardo allreaddy said - the stock pickups are just fine - just take Your time....

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    Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your replies.
    I hear only good things about BKP's and will probably go with one of these.
    I e-mailed them, and they suggested either a Black Hawk ceramic, or a Warpig ceramic.

    Any thoughts on these?

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    the only capa pickup worth anything is the PH-R. I love it.

    if i were to swap it for anything it would be a suhr aldrich.

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