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Thread: New guitar pickups?

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    In case you're still considering:

    I own a 2006 Horus, and had the Caparison BH-IIR Bridge Pickup exchanged for a PH-R. Besides that I'm using EMG's in my PRS. At first I thought about replacing the BH-IIR with active pickups as well, but I'm happy with the PH-R, awesome pickup according to me. Good Luck
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    The PH-R is incredible.. I'm usually a DiMarzio man, and usually run Crunch Lab / Air Norton combo, but I don't think I'll be changing from the stock Caparisons. Love it!

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    If you haven't gotten the guitar yet just stick with the PH-R and see how you like it. I found that a lot of the times, my clients swap out the stock pickups not because they sound bad but more so because they want to be more unique.

    Bridge pickups I'd recommend for the stuff you're doing are

    DiMarzio Crunch Lab, DiMarzio Gravity Storm, Bare Knuckle Aftermath or Bare Knuckle Holy Diver.

    Neck pickup wise, the stock one on a horus is actually pretty good. It's wound to sound like a regular neck pickup even though the neck pickup is almost where a middle pickup would be. Although if I had to change it I'd probably change it with either a DiMarzio Fast Track 2, Chopper or a Cruiser.
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    Hey Dudes,
    Has been a while..
    ..And that's because after getting the guitar (my first Caparison good!), I soon forgot all about asking for pickup choices because the stockies are AMAZING!!

    The many peeps who suggested try the PH-R before swapping it out are F*%ing dead on!
    I wouldn't swap it for quids..

    ..and I seriously cannot believe how the guitar resonates unplugged. could almost gig without an amp!

    After years and several Ibanez' that are somewhat dead. ie lumps of wood. The Horus truly did amaze me. There's no Caparison ....... (chortle!)

    Thanks to everyone for their input.
    Cheers and ROCK ON!,

  5. Prior to giving the stock Caparison pickups (PH-R and PH-F) a full trial run (rehearsals and a live show), I was considering dropping Bare Knuckles into my TATII. Since then, I've completely changed my mind. They are excellent pickups and are staying where they belong.
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    Hey there,

    my Horus has the PH-R as bridge pickup. Great pickup! But I'm not very lucky with the SH-27F neck pickup. Somehow, I think there's a loss of mids compared to the very strong PH-R. Any suggestions on that? My second axe (custom made) has the PH-F neck-pickup. That's quite perfect for leads.

    Does anyone know the specs of these pickups? I'm planning a new custom 7-string and I'm wondering, which pickups would fit to my Caparison and the Cap-like custom axe.



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