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Thread: Right hand training camp!

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    Right hand training camp!

    Okay! Time to get Meshuggah worthy right hands everyone

    I just found my old routine that I used to use a while back, and was also incredibly helpful before entering the studio at any time to make sure I was up to scratch. I can write out the riffs I used to use if you guys need them, but basically feel free to work out your own ones, the main key here is the right hand, so the left hand doesn't have to be doing anything ultra complicated, we're working on right hand accuracy, definition, timing and stamina here.

    Here's a link to the drum backing files here : (258mb for all files)

    If you're making your own riffs, the basic idea here is to mimic the kick drum pattern with your right hand. These programmed patterns change and so you will get used to playing different patterns accurately, and just as importantly tightly, each drum track increases in 5bpm increments, while that might not seem so much, there are some rather demanding patterns in there once you start getting up there in the higher bpm's! Also remember to use other strings than just the 6th. Get your hand used to moving around with precision.

    Once you're comfortable at the current bpm, it's time to move up If you find yourself tensing up while playing to try and achieve the speed, then go back down a step until you're more relaxed. If you start to tense up, you lose all control, and run the risk of doing yourself some damage. (If anyone needs a hand with technique at all feel free to PM me)

    Any questions, throw them my way, I'll try tab out some ideas for you guys to play asap also, I can't remember the exact riffs I used to play, but I have a fair idea.

    Spend some time doing these each day, and I promise you'll find vast improvements, not only for playing this sort of stuff, but just with getting better attack, definition, stamina, timing and control with your right hand.
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    Dude thanks so much for putting this up. Always keen to improve anything and everything i can! Already gotten started on a few
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    No problem Working in the studio today, so maybe after today is over I'll get a chance to tab out a couple of practice riffs.

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    Super useful! Only practised it for a few minutes yesterday and had a blast. Looking forward to seeing your practice riffs!!
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    very useful! thanks andhe!

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    Okay, writing these out as I get the time, here's the first one :

    The ones I use are quite boring to be honest, but it's just for RH practice, so doesn't matter so much

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    Hi Andhe,

    Thanks for posting this. RH is my absolute weak point. Unfortunately your workout starts way(!) to fast for my RH abilities.
    But your thread gives me hope I could develop some speed with my right hand.


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    What bpm would you like to start with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andhe Chandler View Post
    What bpm would you like to start with?
    Hi Andhe, I guess 130 would be a good point to start from for me. I already downloaded your practice track. I have a program that can slow down mp3 so this works already :-)
    the quintessence of your post for me was that I can get faster, if I keep practicing! Thanks for that!

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    OK, no worries, let me know if you need me to make another track, and yeah, this totally works, just slowly working towards something. Just stick with one bpm until it feels natural / comfortable to you, and then move up, repeat. You'll find it not only useful for 'aggressive' playing, but in all areas when you realize how much more articulate, and how much more control you have with your right hand. I'll post the other practice riffs tonight hopefully

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