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Thread: Caparison T-Shirts & Merchandise

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    Much like this

    Iron Maiden Polo.jpg

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    I would wear a beanie. Although it rarely gets cold enough that I could warrant it.... :P
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    How soon may we expect a new t-shirt design?
    Kind of keen on something more detailed to go with the plain t-shirt design, hopefully in the same order

  4. We are working on some new t-shirt designs at the moment for 2014, along with some other merchandise ideas. Here's what we have in mind so far:

    * T-Shirts with limited edition 2014 design.
    * Beanies with embroidered Caparison logo.
    * Patches/badges with embroidered Caparison logo.
    * Caparison mugs.

    We will also look at hoodies and work shirts later on but, we are looking to find some nicer quality garments than the standard merchandise offering.

    What is the general consensus?

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    Looking forward to the 2014 shirt, mug and work shirt here

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    Mugs sound like a fantastic idea, I will also take a beanie

  7. Work shirts, definitely!
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    Definitely keen on a beanie, need to keep warm here!

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    I couldn't wait, so ordered a plain t-shirt for now. It arrived today, just a week after ordering!!
    Loving the service Gabe, thank you!
    This will be worn proudly until the new merch is released later in the year

  10. 2014 T-Shirt designs are finished, now waiting on final prices and samples!

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