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Thread: If you are given a C2 model

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ericvai777 View Post
    I don't mind trying out the C2 range, but I don't see myself buying one.
    There's a few of us in the same boat! We've been pampered with the normal range!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Williams View Post
    As for the Caparison Bass, the neck is slim (kinda like a jazz at the nut end) but a little deeper on the profile which makes it a hell of a lot faster and certainly more comfortable to play when its slung a bit lower
    The new C2 is a beauty. The neck profile is a little different to the regular model, a teensy bit fatter but it still plays fast with stoopidly low action, and with the addition of the EMG humbuckers it sounds like a real motherf**ker! I like it a lot!
    I'm a sucker for basses with slim necks... I freaking love my fender jazz bass, I'm not sure if would want a C2 after hearing that. Nothing really feels the same after you get used to a Jazz bass.... still, Jeff did say that it's only a teensy bit fatter... so I don't know.

    It's probably safe to assume that the Caparison bass will be coming back with just a glossy paint job like all the other caparison models.

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