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Thread: I'm the new fish...please don't shank me.

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    I'm the new fish...please don't shank me.

    Hi all,

    After about ten years of dreaming, I finally managed to actually snag myself a Caparison of the ol' ebay last year. It's a nice 2008 Dellinger. I had wanted one ever since I saw Chris Amott from Arch Enemy and the guys from Soilwork using them, but figured they'd always be out of reach. Anyway, I'm glad to finally be able to join this forum as a member!

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    Hey mate. Welcome to the forum. We would all love to see some pics of the Deli.

    Hope you enjoy it here
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  3. Welcome to the forum! As Staygrey92 mentioned, post some pics of the Dellinger!
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    Welcome dude

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    Welcome on board.

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    Welcome to the forum
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  7. Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome Buddy!

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