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Thread: 6505+ lead/crunch channel.

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    6505+ lead/crunch channel.

    Hey guys, quick question for you amp experts out there. I have a 6505+ combo which I love. I had a 6505+ head for 4 years and just simply downgraded. I find the crunch channel with a TS9/OD808 to be phenomenal, amazing pinch harmonics, chugs, great note low volume. I never use the red channel. The pinch harmonics on the red (lead) channel sound just awful and flabby. Is there a certain preamp tube configuration to actually change the harmonic quality of the lead channel? Or is this simply just the way the amp is? It has been this way for both my head and now the combo. Any help guys?

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    The green channel plus a boost is THE 5150/6505 sound. From what I have found, it's simply the way the amp is. I never use the red channel either. It's just not open enough if that makes sense.

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