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Thread: The holiday thread :)

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    The holiday thread :)

    Thought it would be cool to make a thread about everyone's time off. Where you go, the places you see and the people you meet.

    Post pics or relate experiences if your keen.

    I'll kick it off with what I was doin last weekend. We love our camping and there's plenty of spots to go when your living remote. This is one our fav spots. Got a bunch of mates up here that ride the Old Telegraph Track on their motorbikes each year. This road extends right up to the northernmost point of Australia. 4WD heaven.. creek crossings, corrugations you name it. Its a great experience.

    I'm usually riding, but the bike is under some repairs at the moment.. so I just had to suffice with sitting in crystal clear freshwater creeks, enjoying a rum and relaxing. My idea of living. (Took the acoustic for around the campfire once the sun goes down)

    The boys and the bikes

    Thats me on the right and my best mate

    Be great to see some of your pics and stories guys. Get amongst it.
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    Hah! Nice photos mate!

    Just work and judo for me, though I don't take photos at judo; too busy getting my arse kicked, y'know?

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    After many years I saw it.

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