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Thread: Caparison Guitars at NAMM 2014

  1. The website already has all the new models on there, just waiting to be activated. All will be online tomorrow, I will also post photos from the booth on our Facebook page.

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    Looking forward to the surprises

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    Can't wait !!!
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages for your delight and delectation we give you Caparison Guitars 2014…

    First things first, and due to popular demand (yes we do listen!) We give you the TAT Special CL14. New and improved and in strictly limited quantities the CL14 has a re-designed neck heel as well as a stunning 5A Grade Flame Maple Top! This is quite simply the most desirable guitar I have ever laid my naked sweaty eyes upon. Beautiful it is, and certainly not silent…but it is deadly!

    Next up from the starting gate we have the Angelus7-M3B. A 7 String Angelus I hear you all cry…what the…? Yup, here it is and it’s a powerful and magnificent as a Silverback Gorilla, but as playful as an over excited kitten in a box full of ping pong balls! We are very proud of this guitar, it ticks all the boxes for an out and out rock n’ roll classic, and with the 5 way Schaller Mega Switch you’ll have all the pickup options you could ever eat.

    And you thought Christmas was over? Well because you’ve all been extremely nice last year we’ve decided to surprise you with the new Dellinger7-M3….Surprise! A 7 string Dellinger fitted with a genuine Floyd Rose trem system means you can now indulge yourself in all the whammy bar heroics you could ever want! And with the Schaller 5 way Mega Switch you literally have umpteen pickup selection choices!...okay 5, but that’s 2 more than before!

    The new TAT II+S also has a nifty Schaller 5 way Mega Switch fitted which brings a new set of tones hitherto unknown to this classic through neck creation, if sounds were tastes then this guitar would taste like rock! Sweet, sweet rock!

    Did we mention that the Dellinger MJR has also been improved? A brand shiny new Dellinger-M3 MJR, with M3 body construction now mirrors the new shiny gloss white finish and a new neck profile ensures that this remains the premiere technical shred meisters weapon of choice!

    And as if we haven’t spoiled you enough all 2014 models now come with Schaller Toggle Switches or 3 or 5 way Schaller Mega Switches as standard, upgraded jack input sockets and corrosion resistant screws on all our Schaller tremolo units and Caparison Design Bridges. Plus…Ladies and Gents all 2014 Caparison Guitars now come with custom Reunion Blues Continental Guitar Cases (apart from the Orbit that is…that guitar is massive and as much as we covered it in butter and squeezed as much as our buttery hands would allow, we just couldn’t get in in the case) But those in the know will appreciate what a significant upgrade this is and how much happier and cosy, safe and secure your lovely new Caparison will be.

    The changes are now live on our website...

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    Oh wow


    Well I totally didnt see the 7string angii coming! lol. Looks good though guys.


    The cases look freaking awesome! I like the idea of corrosion resistant screws etc too.
    Wish I could be there at NAAM
    Thanks for the news and surprises!! All the best !
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    Interesting new additions. Loving the look of the TAT specials!
    7 string fans should be pleased, though I can already hear the roar of "what about the 7 string Horus?" haha.

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    oh wow!! the angelus 7 string was really unexpected! Bet nobody could see that coming! haha. Looks awesome!

    any new finishes/colours for the dellinger-fx 6 and 7 models this year?

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    my god my jaw dropped

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    I don't want to be crude, but I think I may have actually ejaculated....

    I have been eagerly anticipating NAMM, as I always do, but man, I did not expect anything like this. Gabriel/Itaru/Capa-team, that is nothing short of AWESOME. I want the Rose TAT Special. I think I need to sell my car maybe. And I am a huge fan of the addition of the Trem to the Dellinger 7, very good news. Although if I somehow afford the TAT then I would no way be able to get the Dellinger, maybe next year....

    Definitely have to 2nd/3rd the surprise at the 7 string Angelus. Definitely unexpected. Not to my taste personally but it does look incredible.

    Thanks very much guys, I am very excited, and terrified at how broke I will be....
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