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Thread: Best NGD ever: Custom Shop Parker Maxxfly 7!

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    Best NGD ever: Custom Shop Parker Maxxfly 7!

    I ordered this custom shop parker maxxfly 7 string off Nick who owns the Axe Palace in Boston, killer guy to buy from and everything went smoothly. The guitar even finished the same month he told me it would finish, which is amazing because I have owned tons of custom guitars, but none have ever arrived on time. The setup done by his tech was great too and exactly what I asked for, which was surprising given it went from the freezing cold east cold to the westcoast. Nick responded to me during the Christmas holidays from his phone which was really cool. I also talked to him a TON on over facebook (1000+ messages in our FB chat history i think), and he was always very patient. The only thing I have against him is the damage to my wallet!

    This year I have gone through a ton of guitars. To put things into context; I've had Suhrs, Carvins, Daemoness, Oakland Axe Factory, Caparison, ViK, multiple jcustoms, a few EBMMs, Decibel, a few Mayones, BlacKat, Blackmachine, etc.... I have basically tried everything there is to try. So its not like I've never owned a decent guitar and I'm just some newbie on an NGD high.

    Anyways, this guitar is easily my favorite out of everything I have owned, especially at the price point. Its not the "best" per say, but the only guitars I've had that were both five figures so obviously not a fair comparison.

    The reason its my favorite though, is because its a KILLER jack of all trades.

    Want unbeatable clean tones? The cleans are unbelievably good thanks to the graphtech piezo and coil split.

    Mid-gain tones sound killer as well, blending in the piezo leads to some very cool tones.

    However, I spend most of my time playing death metal so high gain is what I was most worried about when I bought this. I am not usually a big fan of Seymour Duncan and their pickups, but the Distortions in this sound perfect. They aren't overly hot (i usually use mid output pickups for high gain), have just enough bite, etc. Originally I planned on having Bare Knuckle Pickups rewind them, but honestly, I'm too happy with them as they as to do that. The guitar has the same clarity as my ViK and Blackmachine. Its like you can keep piling on the gain but everything stays clear. Also, the higher frets sustain and respond like like the lower ones do, which is always a good sign of quality.

    You might be reading this and thinking that the thin body makes the guitar sound thin but you'd be dead wrong. The neck and body are wrapped in carbon fiber, which gives you awesome sustain. The neck and body are both mahogany, which I was worried might sound too thick and/or muddy, especially being tuned to drop A (AEADGBE) but it reminds me more of my swamp ash bodied guitars with maple necks tonally.

    Playability wise, the carbon glass fretboard combined with the stainless frets make for a unique feel that you can't really get from a normal guitar. Vibrato and bending is far easier on this. The flatter radius and tighter string spacing makes this far comfier than my Parker DF824 IMO.

    The neck joint, or lack thereof, is ridiculous. Unbeatable access to the higher frets. The overall contours really make this guitar feel like you're playing something out of the future. It weighs next to nothing, yet sounds monstrous!

    The trem system is quite neat. It is non-locking but very stable. You can change it from hardtail, to dive only or to full floating (what i have it in now). This is great for recording, and string changes!

    Its very very likely that I will be placing an order through the Axe Palace for another Parker Maxxfly 7 string with a koa top or flamed maple top.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Anyways, here are some horrible washed out looking cellphone pictures, Ill take more when it stops raining here in vancouver:

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    Congratulations dude. That is beyond unreal.

    I had a Parker Fly once, had to sell it sadly, will definitely need to get one again in the future. I had similar worries as you, particularly about how thin the guitar was. But I also 100% agree with what you're saying, even the guitar I had was superbly resonant, versatile and loud (even unplugged). And the upper fret access is unparalleled.

    Seriously, very cool. *huge thumbs up*
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    I've never played one, but would love to.
    That finish is amazing. Congrats!

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    Nice guitar! I live 15 minutes from the Axe Palace. Nick is a good guy. I bought my Caparison TAT Special CL14 from him.
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