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Thread: 8-string Applehorn

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    Musicland Key has one in stock but they only ship domestically.

  2. Musicland KEY is a pre order listing, they are not in stock anywhere yet, and dealers won't ship outside their agreed areas, Europe/Japan/North America/etc.

    Apple Horn 8s are also going to the UK, Germany and USA in the next week or so with the first shipment.

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    This guy! Hes using a 62 for the lowest string? Incredible. I wonder if I will ever buy this. I think it looks amazing.
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    Will adding a higher gauge string on the ah8 throw things off because of the true temp?

  5. The string gauge shouldn't matter, it's the tuning that's important. TT formulas will work half a semi-tone up or down from the tuning that they have been configured for.

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