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Thread: First Caparison and first post

  1. Thanks guys! Glad to finally be back home from work so I can get my hands on the thing again haha.
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  2. Beautiful instrument! My next Cappy will definitely be a Horus. Welcome to the forum!
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    Just got my first Caparison last week.... Angelus-M3B in black. I absolutely love it and I know I will be getting a couple more Caparisons in the near future!

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    Nice lot of NGD's lately. Welcome

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    Ohhh man!!! Looks good sir!! Now I can't wait for mine to come in

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    Hi TANUKI!

    good to have another scottish member on here!, sweet horus love the snowstorm finish, wish my dellinger fx was that colour!

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    Got GAS for Caparison Angelus C2 Trans Blue!

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    nice axe man! Welcome!

  8. Cheers guys! Haven't been able to stop playing it since it arrived! haha
    Going to Japan next month so I'm pretty tempted to get another one over there (either that or a J-Custom)
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