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Thread: The passing of H. R. Giger

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    The passing of H. R. Giger

    Greatly inspired already as a child by his art and especially the artwork involving the Alien franchise, I was shocked to hear of the sudden passing of H. R. Giger this Monday. His work was implemented in many things, including a limited production run by Ibanez guitars and rather recently in the movie "Prometheus", but most notably in the movie "Alien" that later earned him the Oscar of best visual effects. I was lucky enough to meet him in person while in the opening of his exhibition in Hamburg a few years back, he seemed to be such a kind person.

    Anyone else here who digs his stuff?
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  2. Love his work, I have some of the books he published about the Alien art concepts. I was shocked to hear about his passing, hopefully whoever picks up the mantle for the next Prometheus film pays tribute to his work. I would recommend a trip to the Giger museum in Gruyre, Switzerland if you ever get the chance.

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    I'm a big giger fan, mainly due to the first Alien movie. I was about 6 yo when i watched it, and the imagery was forever embedded ever since.

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