I've tested a few Horizons and my impression is that the quality control in ESP's is very high... they feel exactly the same regardless of the year they were manufactured and which woods have been used. I can only compare this to an LTD H-1000 I used to own. The frets and the entire fretboard feels more comfortable, very easy to play, the frets are maybe "higher" in whereas in LTD's they are "thick" ? The whole guitar seems sturdier in a sense. The neck is obviously different than in Caparisons and you do notice the clarity of the alder body wood compared to mahogany. The neck by the way is U shaped, not flat like in your typical Ibanez wizard.

The only thing I don't particularly like in this guitar is the ebony fretboard. I mean it looks KILLER but for some reason I prefer rosewood for the tone and feel. Ebony feels "denser" than rosewood, almost like plastic. (I guess people are going to kill me now )