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Thread: Caparison Horus yellow Sand

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    Caparison Horus yellow Sand

    Hey Guys,

    Recently picked this one up - an 06 model - My first Capa in over a year and it blows me away every time, oddly enough considering I don't generally like Rosewood boards.

    I have decided to refinish it in oil possibly with a dark stain. All black hardware, a Duncan Black Winter in the bridge and hot rails neck.

    in the process of stripping it now so ill post some pictures when its done.

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    Updated pics??? Wanna see the refin!!!

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    Love it. My first capa was a Yellow Sand.

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    Man I love that finish!

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    Well, here we go.

    All hardware replaced with black Schaller/Gotoh.

    She has a Black winter/Hot rails in these shots but is currently outfitted with a gold EMG 85 bridge and an SA neck, the tones are unreal - the most versatile and all round excellent sounding combination i have used.

    I personally think its a solid improvement but will go a little darker eventually. (Ill take some more shots when it happens)

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    Here she is now.

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    Fantastic! I love the yellow sand,but this....major improvement.

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    That is actually really nice!

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    OH WOW! So... you sanded and oiled it?
    Bet it resonates really well!
    Nice work!

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    Looks awesome, before and after! Very professionally removed finish.
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