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Thread: Caparison Angelus repair by Third Coast Guitar Service in Chicago

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    Caparison Angelus repair by Third Coast Guitar Service in Chicago

    I received the Angelus Jona Weinhofen was giving away a long time ago about six months ago, and brought it into Third Coast Guitar here in Chicago. I brought it to Third Coast Guitar Service and talked to the owner Chris and he assured me that "the guitar will play better than it ever has and you will never tell that it was broken". Sure enough, six long months of thinking and planning later, it is fixed just as promised.
    Sure enough, I was sent about sixty pictures of the repair today and I am completely amazed what these guys did to this guitar, in which the lead repair tech said to me was "the worst headstock repair I've ever dealt with". Here she is. I cannot wait to pick this gorgeous guitar up and bring her back to life.

    Here's the finished product and some progress to go with it.

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    Wow, that is some incredible work! You literally cannot tell that there was any damage to the neck

    What a fantastic looking guitar also!

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    Now this is just outstanding work!! Very nice!
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    Nice work!
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    That turned out great, stunning work. You'd never know! It just goes to show that even with a bad headstock or neck's not always the end of the world. Give it to a good luthier and it can be as good as new.
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    Great job. the guitar looks great.
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    What an amazing job! How much did it cost?

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    That is amazing work.

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    Flipping heck what a top notch job!!

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