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Thread: Gamers! What are you playing?

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    Gamers! What are you playing?

    Well I managed to pick up Destiny on my PS4 yesterday. Got a mate who works at the furniture/electrical wholesaler here and he set a copy aside for me. Anyway got about 4 hours of playtime last night and I'm havin fun. Sci-fi RPG FPS has my name all over it. Cant get enough of this stuff haha. Graphics are great, gameplay is great, controls are great, music is superb, story is.. yeah it needs working on I think. But this game will keep growing I guess. See what happens.
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    I'm into puzzle games...braid, fez, closure, gunpoint, portal, swapper etc
    I used to be into adventure games, but they don't make them any more as they used to. Although, Dreamfall chapters is coming soon, a very promising adventure game to conclude the story of The Longest Journey.

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    The Longest Journey hey ? I'll have to check it out

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    I am sick atm so I bought Destiny. Its pretty good, a bit repetitive...

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    Still owning on BF4 on PS4

    But also hauling ass on Diablo III with my brother on PS4 as well.
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    Im still hooked on Destiny. Cant say I get a whole lot of playtime. Mainly weekends.
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    I've been playing Watch Dogs (on XBone). Loving it. The Bad Blood DLC is great. Also I picked up Smash Bros for the 3DS. I'm rubbish at it but it's pretty good.
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    X-Com EU/EW... :P
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    These days when I'm not working on games (running my own game dev studio as well as Community Manager for Project Phoenix in Tokyo), I spend my time on either Final Fantasy XIV or Destiny(I'm terribad in that game though lol!). I'm on Diablo III from time to time as well (both on PC and on PS4). Feel free to add me on PSN under.. wait.. for it... buddroyce
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