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Thread: Will a Dimarzio fit without modding?

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    Will a Dimarzio fit without modding?

    Hello! New to the forum, this is my first post.

    Just received my first ever Caparison today (a Dellinger 7-string with a snowstorm finish) from the dealer "Neue-Musik-Laden" in Germany. First a quick word about this store and the guy who runs it: He's an absolute pleasure to do business with, just fantastic service and communication through and through. Even responded quickly to questions by mail after closing time in the evening with a very friendly and helpful tone. This guy really cares about his customers!

    The guitar is completely awesome. I had never tried a Caparison before as they are very rare to come by in Norway, so I had to buy without trying one first. After reading and hearing peoples experience and praise about them on forums throughout the years, my expectations were set pretty high. I can only say it's everything I had hoped it would be and more. I've spent the evening doing a quick setup after changing strings to the gauges I like, adjusting the action etc., and it plays absolutely incredible.

    My only gripe with it is that the pickups are quite lacking. They sound very fuzzy and extreme (either on or off, not much in the dynamics department), and seem to have TONS of output, so I didn't exactly fall in love with them like I did with the guitar. This doesn't matter that much however, as I had already read that many end up swapping the pickups, so I bought a Dimarzio Crunchlab and Liquifire combo that is on the way.

    I'm just wondering if these pickups will fit in the guitar without any modification? I'd really hope to not have to send it to a tech for any routing, as my previous experience with this resulted with a chipped pickup hole, scratches in the finish and overall just really poor work. Any feedback and help is greatly appreciated!
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