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Thread: Tuning Down a Whole Step - What Strings?

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    Tuning Down a Whole Step - What Strings?

    Hi folks,

    I have the AppleHorn Jazz and I currently use 9s on it and have it tuned to standard.

    I am considering tuning it down a whole step permanently but am unsure if it would be best using 10s or 11s for this. I know that 10s would fit in the string slots fine, but would a low E, gauge 48, fit in the low E slot OK? Unfortunately I don't have any 11s or 48 gauge strings in the house that I can see and wont get into town until tomorrow when I can buy some.

    Would the 11s, tuned down a whole step, be similar in tension to 9s at standard?

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    You could even consider a .10-.52 for D standard tuning. Even .11-.56 should be ok as far as fitting into the slots.
    I'd probably suggest to try .10-.52 first, anything heavier might be too noticeable for you if you're playing 9's in E standard.

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    10-52 can work, so can 11s. I use 10-46 in D standard and they feel pretty light, so I'd give the 10s' a try and see what you think.

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    I use Elixir heavy/lights (10-52's) in D standard/dropped C on my HGS and ESP E-II Horizon and the tension is spot on for me. It should be similar to the 9's in standard. Dropping it down a whole step gives it that compensation I guess. Give it a go!
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    Thanks guys. Luckily I do have a set of 10s in the house so I can try these and see how we go. Cheers!

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