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Thread: Travelling with a Delinger: Get a case? Disassemble the guitar? Need advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caparisonforum View Post
    The OHSC is not intended for use as a flight case. We would recommend investing in a fitted flight case which has been specifically designed for the purpose if there is a possibility that it will need to be checked in.
    OK! Understood. Thank you for the concern!
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    Hey dude,

    I have flown with guitars a few times (long haul - Australia to Europe and back again) I have used ESP standard cases (which are similar in construction to Caparison cases) as well as some aftermarket.

    I put rags etc in with the guitar to secure in place then wrap the outside with Bubblewrap or even bedding. the last time I traveled i put two cases together and wrapped them in a Duvet.. absolutely no issues.

    I have also found that if your axe is in a gig bag there is a good chance they will let you take it as carry on providing you don't have a whole bunch of other luggage - this is of course dependent on the airline, Size of the plane and distance you are traveling.

    As long as the guitar is secure in the case and then well packaged on the outside (a box would work) with visible 'Fragile' or 'handle with care' stickers you should be fine. insurance generally wont cover the cost of an instrument but its always worth having.

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    Sorry I know this is necroposting, but in case perhaps anybody wished to know, I fly a lot and have never had a problem putting a guitar in the overhead bin. The trick is to buy your tickets fast because space is first come first serve. Ive had an SG in an SG case and a much longer, larger custom molded case for my Monson Scourge. I have literally never had an issue. You just pack a backpack and fill it full of everything you need and your guitar will be your carry on. The dumbest question you'll get is "is that a guitar sir?" (don't answer with "no its a fuckin gun") and occasionally someone will bitch about the guitar but they cant do shit about it. The very worst case scenario is that you get on the plane and theres no room (which if you bought tickets soon you wont have that problem) the flight attendant will put your guitar in the immediate stow compartment but you will get it from them once you land.
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    I am going to go ahead and do a necro too just to clear up what I ended up doing.

    I finally took the dive last week after I ordered a case from Thomann and the Spanish Postal Service decided not to deliver it in time.

    Without a new hardshell and not willing to leave the guitar behind again I got some foam and bubble wrap and made myself a custom fitted interior and some reinforcement cushions.

    I took all tools and screws out of the case and put them in my handbag so nothing weird would show when going throughout he scanner. I just wanted to avoid having them take apart my handmade interior and have to redo it at the airport.

    I just walked up to the gate following Fred and other people's advice and walked onto the plane as usual, no questions asked. If they said anything I was prepared to ask for a space in the crew locker or in the worst case just gate check.

    It should be said that the firs plane was a large Airbus 300 and that there was plenty of space in the overhead for the rather small Caparison case. I had to discuss with the stewardess at the counter when getting my boarding pass but I had a printed copy from the airline's website with the tolerated measurements for guitar cases and it was resolved rather quickly.

    The second plane I took was smaller and yet had plenty of space as well. In this case however I had to walk a little further and put the guitar in a compartment further away as the one above my seat was tiny. Just act normal and it's a first come first serve thing I guess.

    All in all I could have saved myself the money on the new case but hey now I have one to bring along my tele next time I visit.

    Sorry for the Necro and hope somebody finds this helpful. Just wanted to clarify what happened after everybody was so kind to suggest a solution and give advice.

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